HV Pulse Generators

Custom specific equipment for diverse applications

1: PGctrl; 2xPGmod (PGmod equipped with four PPU power units each)
PGctrl; 2xPGmod (PGmod equipped with four PPU power units each)

PG modular system

Modular pulse generator for short pulses designed to cover a wide range of applications.

The generator is a modular daisy chain controlled system consisting of a controlling unit PGctrl and at least one generator module PGmod. The system is expandable to up to ten PGmods, each taking up four power units PPU which provide an output power of up to 1MW per PPU.


PG modular principle configuration

To operate the PG modular system, a high voltage power supply (HVPS) is required. Optionally, e.g. for load matching, a pulse transformer unit (PTU) can be connected. 


  • Pulse width: 2μs up to 50μs (depending on output power)
  • High repetition rate: up to 2000 Hz
  • Pulse characteristics can be optimized for:
    - Hard switching: up to 4 MW per PGmod
    - Regulated switching (current limiting): depending on power dissipation in the output stage of the generator for example 1.6 MW peak and 3kW average per PGmod for 10μs pulse length)

Example of implementation

PG modular with two PG-1600mod modules and PTU-100

Pulse generator PGmodular configurable with up to 4 PG-1600mods


Unipolar, current-limited, asymmetrical push-pull circuit Intake of up to four power units (PPUs) per PG-1600mod Current limit adjustable: 1% - 100%

Mains input

230 V, 50/60 Hz, 4 A

Max. mean input power

0.75 kW per power module PPU-400, i.e. 3 kW per PG-1600mod (fully extended)

Max. input voltage (pulse supply)

800 V

Output voltage

max. +800 V
Reset pulse for pulse transformer with max. -50 V

Max. pulse power

400 kW per power unit, 1600 kW for one fully extended PG-1600mod

Max. pulse length 1

20 μs, depending on input voltage and pulse frequency, e.g. 800 V: 10 μs, 400 V: 20 μs at 2 kHz pulse frequency

Max. frequency

2 kHz

Voltage droop at intermediate circuit module

<10 V/μs (at maximal permissible current for the entire pulse length)



Degree of pollution (ICE60664)

Better than 2


PG-1600ctrl: 20 kg, PG-1600mod: 35 kg

Pulse Transformer Unit PTU-100


Matching pulse transformer for PG modular, equipped with up to four PG-1600mod
Optimized for gas discharge with limitation of current after ignition 

Optional modes of operation:
• DC-offset (simmer discharge)
• One-way rectification (bridgeable)

Max. input voltage primary

800 V

Max. input voltage DC-offset

50 kV
Max. output voltage secondary 100 kV

Pulse characteristics

60 kV, 20 μs
100 kV, 10 μs
Reset pulse for pulse transformer with max. -50 V
Max. pulse repetition frequency: 2 kHz
Resonance frequency 133 kHz (i.e. maximum rise time 2-3 μs)

Shunt inductance primary 

35 μH +/-25%
Shunt inductance secondary 690 mH +/-25%
Cooling Electrical insulating oil for transformers 
Net weight 105 kg
Oil filling quantity 80-90 dm3
Total weight <200 kg