EMF Systems

Efficient equipment for industrial used impulse forming


Systems for electromagnetic
forming (EMF)

Capacitor discharge configurable for tailored
pressure pulses

Our SMU pulse generators are to be used for joining, forming or cutting of metal parts in industrial serial production. Using exchangeable tool coils, the energy of a certain capacitor bank is transferred into a pulse shaping magnetic field between tool coil and workpiece from electrical conductive material. The energy density of the magnetic field corresponds to an acting magnetic pressure up to several hundred MPa. With only 3kJ equipment you can realise a reliable and efficient production of workpiece assemblies.

Automation example for production series


Machine types in flexible configuration

By consistent modular based standardization of our machine design it is possible to select an optimized machine configuration with a certain number of power modules depending on the requirements of the forming task. Later expansion by additional modules is possible as well as an easy exchange of modules to minimize maintenance downtime.