The Company Poynting 


Poynting GmbH

The Poynting GmbH develops and markets devices and systems for generating pulsed high-level electromagnetic fields. Such high energy pulses are used for example to form metals with magnetic, magneto-hydraulic or electro-hydraulic pressure or to accelerate electrons or ions.

We regard ourselves as an interdisciplinary company in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and physics. The devices and systems developed and produced by Poynting GmbH as well as the accessories and measurement equipment are suitable for industrial application as well as for laboratory use.

With our broad service and product range in the field of pulsed power technologies we are able to support our customers from the beginning of developing customized solutions up to the production of the required devices and systems.
Our technical equipment allows an extensive production depth. In close co-operation with our customer we develop solutions fulfilling your specific requirements.