EMF Systems

Efficient equipment for industrial used impulse forming



SMU MODULAR stands for the most flexible machine type for a lot of different electromagnetic forming tasks and energy requirements in industrial production. The combination of an individual number of energy modules, each with the maximum charging energy of 6 kJ (resp. 9 kJ), offers the possibility of different SMU machine assemblies either for parallel processes on one or several workpieces, or for the use with collected energy amount on one and the same workpiece area. 

Each SMU module typically includes two capacitor banks with 3 kJ (resp. 4.5 kJ) maximum charging energy, its own charging unit as well as control and safety systems. Other properties of the capacitor banks in customer-specific design can be used as configuration basis as well. The external control & operation console includes the main control, display and user functions (HMI). Each capacitor bank is connected with a tool coil mounting adaptor by low inductive HV-cables.